Here’s to the Rest of Us

I love Simple Plan.

Yes, they’re very angsty most of the time, and yes they have that whole stereotypical teenage pop punk no-one-understands-me vibe going for them, but I just really love Simple Plan. I have for pretty much as long as I can remember being into music.

There’s always been something about the whole pop-rock-punk genre that clicked with me, and even as a kid I was a bit of a punk rock dork. You know, the kind of ten year old that would play I’m Just A Kid on full blast while I rocked out or went to McFly or Busted concerts because they always just got me.

Though I’m considerably less “emo” than I used to be (at least on the surface), this isn’t really something I ever fully outgrew, and some of my best memories are from my broody punk rock preteen days, and there was always something about Simple Plan that just clicked with me. So, when I first heard The Rest of Us, my little tortured soul pretty much set on fire with delight.

Because this song got me.

Even as I aged up, emo preteen becoming marginally less emo teenager, this song stuck with me. It’s always been a favourite, and it’s always inspired me to be better, to try harder. It convinced me that I could still be someone despite being… less than great as a person. Because if the lyrics in this song applied to anyone, it was me. I related to it in a way I hadn’t really related to any of the other songs about love or breakups or whatever else my mum used to play. It struck something in me that never quite went away.

It was an important song to young Scarlett, and now I still really love it as a song. In case you’re unfamiliar with it (as I’m aware that it’s quite an obscure song to anyone who didn’t grow up obsessed with Simple Plan), here are the three most meaningful parts of the song to me.

Here’s to the rest of us
To all the ones that never felt they were good enough
I wanna hear it for the dazed and confused
The freaks and the losers
Let’s put ’em up
Here’s to the rest of us
The rest of us

I confess, I’m a mess
I’m perfectly dysfunctional
But I don’t give a damn
If you feel the same
Let me hear you sing

The lost, the geeks, the rejects, the losers
The wrong, the freaks, the hopeless, the future
The lost, the geeks, the rejects, the losers
The wrong, the freaks, the hopeless, the future
The rest of us

I was always all of the things that they talked about in this song, and the I confess, I’m a mess, I’m perfectly dysfunctional line always stuck with me since I’ve always been pretty dysfunctional. It was nice to have something to relate to at a time when I felt like no one understood.

Simple Plan understood.




This Is Your Song

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