On the Subject of Little Talks


Welcome to a recent idea of mine.

Welcome to little talks.

This is an idea I have had for a while, and I finally pulled myself together long enough to do something about it. Little talks is what I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now; just a way for me to put what I want to say out there online for others to read (or not read- I guess we’ll see how this plays out).

Basically I decided I would just sit down, take a breather from life and the world or whatever it is that I have going on, and pour my heart out. It probably won’t involve me pouring my heart out that much, actually. Probably just some thoughts and feelings. Maybe a fun story here and there. Who knows? (I certainly don’t)

Mostly the idea revolves around me talking (well, typing) about the problems I face. Some on a day-to-day basis, some a lot less often. Just issues that I come into contact with and want to address, which I have a sneaking suspicion makes me sound awfully negative, but oh well. I’m a teenager. Come wallow in teen angst with me.

People rarely talk about problems, and this is something I’ve discovered over years of having problems and not talking about them myself. I mean, sure, people will be quick to tell you how awful their day has been and how the worst thing ever just happened, which is all well and good, but while everyone is out there competing for the Worst Life Award, it’s sometimes difficult to hold on to the fact that a lot of problems people go through are not deemed important enough to bring up at times like these. It’s sad really. I definitely remember being a fresh out of primary school kid and not wanting to tell anyone how stressed I was because everyone’s problems seemed bigger and scarier and talking about these little problems I was having would make me look bad, so I bottled up my feelings and set them adrift in a sea of actual problems.

Now this got me into way more problems than it actually solved (life lesson alert) so it is important that you don’t try to ignore what bothering you all the time. I know it can be hard if it seems like you are the only one going through whatever problem it is you are going through, and sometimes it helps to just bash it out on the keyboard and post it to the good ol fashioned interweb.

This seemed like a much better idea four hundred words ago.

Anyway, I’ve rambled on about practically unrelated matters for long enough, so that’s what I wanted to say. Getting back to the actual point of this post, Little Talks. I don’t know, this is just a weird time for me right now, and for a lot of other people too, so a small space to talk about my life for a little while seems like a good idea.

If you’re reading this, then I hope to see you again soon.


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