Tarragona & Barcelona

Since I’ve been in Spain for the last week, today me and my family decided to take a trip and head out to one of Spain’s major cities. A large chunk of last night was spent debating wether to go to Tarragona or Barcelona, and arguments for and against both were thrown around. This went on for a while, my Mum being pro-Barcelona and my Dad being pro-Tarragona, and eventually I tired of the argument and retired to bed, figuring that I’d find out where we were going when we got there anyway.

Fast forward ten hours, I was well rested (or as well rested as a teenager can feel at 9am) and ready to go to wherever it was that we were going. I had got just over nine hours sleep, had a fully charged IPad for the journey (almost fully charged- my sister/holiday roommate is such a charger hog), and quickly(ish) got ready. In a little over thirty minutes, I was fully dressed with my teeth clean and my hair brushed and we were all piling into the car ready to take the hour long drive to Tarragona.

The drive itself was enjoyable, as long drives always are (for me, at least), and we arrived in Tarragona in good time. Parking proved difficult, since the builders of Spanish car parks much think that everyone drives minis, so our seven seater people carrier was a bit of a tight squeeze. The car park was underground, so we had to climb a set of stairs to get up to the main area, and it was really a very lovely city.

The top of the steps for the car park opened up into a wide path leading to the city hall, and had lots of small roads branching off. Most of these roads were lined with shops, which made for a very pleasant shopping experience, and even if I didn’t buy anything, I still had a good time. The lack of purchase was mostly due to me not being able to find anything that I particularly liked, that I would be able to get for the same price at home. Although there was a little shop called Pim-kie that had a lot of really cute clothing, and I think the only reason that I didn’t buy anything in there is because everyone else left and wouldn’t wait for me. I saw some lovely pants and a rather nice dress that I would have liked to try, but alas, ’twas not meant to be.

After our (rather brief) adventure in Tarragona, we all piled back into the family vehicle and took off towards Barcelona. Since Tarragona only took us a couple of hours to cover, we were done before half eleven and decided that we would go to Barcelona, if only to say that we had been. The drive was mostly successful, up until we realised that Barcelona is a very big place and we weren’t likely to just stumble upon what we were looking for.
So we took a pit stop atop a hill to try and figure out where we were going (or desperately trying to explain that we needed directions to Spanish people, who did not understand whatever it was that we were trying to convey), and some of us took this as an opportunity to stretch our legs. Since I’m no good with directions, and figured I would be no help to my parents who were struggling to find some English-speakers to direct them, I took to the other side of this little roadside stop where there was a bench, and my sister came with me to enjoy the beautiful view. Not so long after my Mum also joined us, seemingly getting tired of listening to my Dad fail at directions, and we all stood and basked in the amazing sights.

And I took some selfies. I’m a teenager, what did you expect?

You could see for miles from that roadside, and it really was great view. However, soon we had an idea where we were going (don’t ask me how), and we all climbed back into the car and headed to the city.

I was flicking my sister, Scout, on the car ride. See, like me, my sister is also a documenter of our travels, and she writes books about the places that we go (the major difference between us being that she is much better at it than I am). In her latest novella, documenting our time in Spain, I didn’t think she was going to include me in the chapter featuring our trip to Barcelona. So, in an effort to get myself into her book, I figured if I flicked her, she has to include me. Strange logic, but it works for me (also, she made me include this bit. She said that if she had to put it in, then so did I).

Soon we arrived in the hustle and bustle of Barcelona. It was match day for Barcelona, so the streets were alive with atmosphere as enthusiastic football fans chanted and marched. I don’t know much about football myself, but I could still appreciate the lively atmosphere of match day.

Although, what I could appreciate even more was a good shopping trip. We had a nice time in Pull and Bear, where I bought some cute clothes that are probably too boho for me to pull off, but hell, I thought they were cute.

After a good bit of shopping, we went for lunch at the greatest restaurant in Barcelona. Burger King. Okay, we could have picked somewhere a bit cooler, but I love Burger King, and hadn’t had one in forever. So I ate my double cheeseburger, and I savoured it.

After lunch we took to wandering, searching the streets of Barcelona for nothing in particular. We stumbled across a small shop selling macaroons, so we all had one just to try. I’d never had a macaroon before, and I had a red one (of which flavour I’m not sure; it tasted kin of like lip gloss), and I enjoyed it.

After our small macaroon stop we continued down the streets, occasionally stopping to look in a shop if anything took our fancy. My sisters bought some superhero vest tops, but I didn’t purchase much else until we started going past the stalls set up in the middle of the road.

I decided that I wanted some kind of bracelet to commemorate our time in Barcelona, so I bought a cute little band to go next to my other bracelets. My sister also bought nine fans (as gifts for her friends) and I spent a considerable amount of time playing with them in the car on the way back.

After this, we decided to call it a day and return to the villa. So we took the trek back to the car park (which I’m amazed we even found again) and all piled back in. We set off back to the villa, and I spent most of the car ride playing with fans or annoying my sister (or both at the same time). I also started to write this blog post, which took me way longer than I would have liked but at least it’s done now and I have officially regaled you with the tale of my time in Tarragona and Barcelona.

One thought on “Tarragona & Barcelona

  1. Unless I’m navigating your site wrong, it looks like this was your last post. After reading your About Me page, I do hope you will come back and continue blogging. Just a friendly reminder from someone who has the same struggle to keep going. 🙂


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